rooftop-post-free-printable-certificates-notes-and-letters-from-santa-tooth-fairy-and-easter-bunnyHi! Above, you will find all our latest and most popular free children’s printables. We post new ones as often as we can, all fresh from Fairyland.

And in case you think you’ve missed something magical, below is a regularly updated list of our personal favourites.

Schoolwork Achievement Certificates

Well, it’s back to school after the summer and we always get requests for achievement certificates for schoolwork around this time of year. So if you’re a teacher or a parent helping with your child’s learning, here are some of our favourite certificates. We hope they’ll be of use to you: Our Award from the … Continue reading Schoolwork Achievement Certificates

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Rainbow Posters

Are you looking to show your support for the NHS or other key workers? Great! It’s lovely to see rainbows popping up in windows all over the UK, appreciating just how precious all our health workers are. Here’s our little contribution – a collection of rainbow posters for children to print and colour in: By … Continue reading Rainbow Posters

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Latest Colouring Pages

We’re always adding extra colouring in pages here and there throughout our site, so we try to keep this post updated with the latest ones, all in one place: Here are some more you might have missed: More coming soon!

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Printable Fruit Garland

Printable Fruit Garland

This printable fruit garland is a great way to decorate your house for summer parties, barbecues or just because you want to freshen up your child’s bedroom. All you need is a printer, a pair of scissors, some wool/string and (optionally) some glue. We know you can probably make this garland without instructions, but we’ve … Continue reading Printable Fruit Garland

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Two Treasure Hunts – Pirates and Mermaids

This week we’ve put together two sets of rhyming clues for treasure hunts. One is a pirate theme, the other is for mermaids. They make a great activity for birthday parties or any other family gathering where there are children to entertain. What You Need: A printer, obviously, and a pair of scissors. You’ll also … Continue reading Two Treasure Hunts – Pirates and Mermaids

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New Tooth Fairy and Birthday Fairy Notes

Printable Birthday Fairy Letters

We’ve been updating our Tooth Fairy and Birthday Fairy notes this week and we thought you might find it useful to see a quick list of which notes are brand new. We’ll continue adding notes from both these magical characters whenever we can. If you enjoy a particular note, please consider liking it using the … Continue reading New Tooth Fairy and Birthday Fairy Notes

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Top Ten Printables

Ever wondered which of our printables other visitors like best? Well, we thought we’d put together a list of this month’s top ten for you to browse. We hope you find it of interest. 1. Tooth Fairy Note: Thank You for Your Tooth! – This one didn’t surprise us. It’s a basic Tooth Fairy note … Continue reading Top Ten Printables

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